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We Believe

...real change is possible when we think in a New Way.


East Africa's First STEM Museum

We partnered with a visionary Ethiopian leader named Michael Alemu to establish the first STEM Museum (Science, Technology, Engineer-ing, and Math) on the African Continent. This five-story, state of the art structure includes an extensive computer lab and a children's library with more than 20,000 volumes. The Ethio STEM museum is currently developing a national STEM curriculum that will propel Ethiopia forward as a leader in Science and Technology development. The museum and its programming has attracted national attention for its innovation and vision.


Collaboration across barriers


We brokered a dynamic collaboration of local businesses, non profits, and public schools to create ten learning pods for minority and low-income children in Greenville, S.C. In less than six weeks more than $300,000 was raised to fund ten pods for the entire 2020-2021 school year allowing us to serve more than 200 children. This program continues in the form of a summer education camp for children in the Judson Mill community. one of the least-served communities in our state.

We received national recognition for this project when we were chosen as one of only 20 finalists for the one million dollar STOP award sponsored by the Center for Education Reform and Forbes magazine. We were featured on the Forbes digital news platform and highlighted in several other news outlets.

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One Million Bibles for Tribal People in Ethiopia

The growth of Evangelical Christianity in Ethiopia is one of the great kingdom stories of our time. When Emperor Haile Selassie was deposed in 1974 his successor installed a Soviet-style communist government which brutally repressed evangelical religious communities. Against all expectations, opposition actually catalyzed explosive growth of evangelical Christianity. That growth was sustained in the decades following the fall of Communism, in spite of continued opposition and persecution from both Muslim and Orthodox Christian power structures.

In 2017 New Way partnered with others to offer hermeneutical training targeted to the tens of thousands of pastors without access to formal seminary instruction. In the course of that training we were made aware that fewer than 1 in 20 Oromo believers possessed a copy of the Bible. New Way led a cooperative effort that included Frontline Mission, Voice of the Martyrs, the Bible League of Canada and others which resulted in the placement of more than one million Oromo-language Bibles in Ethiopia.


Excellent and Equitable Education

The Judson School opened in the summer of 2022 to serve the Judson Mill Community of Greenville, Funded entirely by New Way Global, the Judson School is an innovative, community-based school.

76% of all children in Judson Mill live in homes earning below the poverty line placing the Judson community among the lowest 1%  in America. 

The Judson School provides a state-of-the-art outdoor learning lab where children connect with their environment, a low teacher-student ratio, and a model program that cultivates and celebrates divergent thought and creativity.

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